Our Story

Hello! We’re Eirik and Anniken from Norway. 

Our passion?
Helping you “Grow Your Health” by intertwining our knowledge in functional medicine, plant science, and technology.

Our paths haven’t been without challenges. Eirik struggled with burnout and IBS, while Anniken navigated sleep anxiety and gut issues. Yet, it’s these very challenges that led us to the transformative powers of functional foods.

Driven by our experiences, we’re on a mission: to share the science backed solutions that reshaped our lives and offer the same positive change to you.

Agriculture + Iris

The inception of Agriris was deeply personal.

We yearned for lasting health and lifestyle changes, not just for us, but for our precious daughters, Iris and Lilja. They deserve a world where they can thrive in every sense.

Agriris stands as a beacon of our commitment to sustainable eating – for our well-being, our planet, and for the generations to come. We aim to revolutionize the way we see and interact with food. By blending innovative technology and deep-rooted knowledge, we empower individuals to grow and consume foods that truly heals. 

But our vision goes beyond that. We’re crafting a community, a supportive space where every member can embark on this journey and remain unwavering in their commitment.

From Our Blog

The Modern Way to Grow Sprouts: Why AutoSprout is a Game-Changer

Growing sprouts at home has always been a health enthusiast’s delight. These nutritional powerhouses offer a range of health benefits, especially due to their anti-inflammatory properties. However, traditional methods of sprouting can be time-consuming and require constant attention. Enter the AutoSprout – a revolutionary way to simplify the sprouting process. The Traditional Sprouting Process Growing sprouts traditionally requires a fair amount of dedication. Depending on the seed type and the

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Unveiling Nature’s Gut Boosters: The Prebiotic Power of Sprouts

Sprouts have long been hailed as a superfood, revered for their array of health benefits. But did you know they’re also a potent source of prebiotics[1]? Let’s dive deep into the world of prebiotics and discover how sprouts naturally possess these incredible compounds. What are Prebiotics? Unlike probiotics, which are live beneficial bacteria, prebiotics are natural compounds that fuel these beneficial gut bacteria, promoting their growth and activity[1]. In essence,

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Sulforaphane in Sprouts: Nature’s Nutrient Powerhouse

Sprouts, the germinating seeds that are just a few days old, aren’t just tasty additions to salads and sandwiches; they’re also potent nutrient reservoirs. One such powerful compound found abundantly in sprouts, especially those of cruciferous plants like broccoli, is sulforaphane[1]. So, what makes sulforaphane so special? Let’s delve into its health benefits: Incorporating sprouts into your diet offers an easy and tasty way to enjoy the myriad health benefits

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